Diamond Track Sawing

Diamond track sawing is the fastest and most precise method for cutting openings in concrete structures such as walls, floors and on inclined surfaces. (aka wall sawing)

Diamond track/wall sawing’s main applications are for the forming of openings for doorways, windows, and ducts. Another use is the creation of separation joints prior to demolition. Diamond track sawing can also be used for cutting openings where the floor saw would find it difficult to gain access.

Diamond Track Sawing Services across Kent, London and the Home Counties.

The system consists of a track that supports a travelling saw head, safety guard and a circular diamond segmented blade. The track is bolted to the concrete surface. The saw head and blade are operated by a remote control at a safe distance powered by either an electric or hydraulic motor. The cut is made by the spinning blade progressively being fed into the concrete. It makes a series of passes over the surface until the required depth is achieved. The saw has the capacity to cut to a max depth of 1000mm.

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