Hand Sawing

Diamond Blades - Hand Sawing Services in Kent, London, Essex.

Hand sawing refers to the lighter duty use of diamond blades in hand-held power saws and chain type saws. Hand sawing provides portability, speed and accessibility at construction and demolition sites. Typical applications include sawing concrete pipes to length, creating smaller openings in masonry, eliminating overcuts associated with other types of sawing, and precision trimming. The hand-held saws are quick and efficient to operate and a useful fit for precision cutting work in indoor spaces, or on sites with confined space.

Ring Saws

Can cut up to 250mm deep through brick, granite, block work and concrete. These saws are also commonly used in demolition projects due to their compact size and accurate cutting into walls, floors or any other structure.

Chain Sawing

Offers virtual elimination of over-cuts when creating corners of openings. The hand-held or track-mounted chain saw is the ideal piece of equipment for those one off, intricate cutting operations where perhaps a more robust cut is required.

The chain saw can be utilised for the cutting of brick/block or stone sections up to a depth of 600mm or can be used more selectively for the cutting of concrete structures. This gives you precision cuts with no struggle at all.  

The chain saw uses specially designed diamond segments to ensure an ease of cut even through reinforced concrete. They are particularly useful where access is limited or where there is no 415v 3 phase power supply present.

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